Summertime is Here!!  i will chill out

It is a Great time to enjoy the weather, hang out with family and friends and get  together with long time acquaintances.  Simply, having Fun in the Sun!

This summer I have decided to take it easy and not stress about Life! For example, what are the kids going to do this summer? What will be the cost  of new home repairs and last but not least what weekend will I have the family over for food, fun & fellowship.

What is Stress? It is the Emotional and Physical way in which we respond to pressure.  Some of the symptoms are raised blood pressure or depression.

I have made up in my mind, I love my family and my kids however, to stress  doesn’t  make it any better, Actually, it makes it worse. 

So, before you decide to begin to Stress over the next couple of months, would you please ask yourself? Can I Benefit in Any way? and How Am I Affecting others by being Stressed?

I guarantee you, you will think twice before you allow yourself to Stress.  One more thing,  Always Remember,

Don’t Focus on How Stressed you Are, Just remind Yourself How Blessed You Are!!

Daddy’s Girls



A Daddy’s Girl is one who has a close & special bond with their father.  They admire, respect & idolize their dad sooo much, he can almost do no wrong.  It doesn’t matter if he is residing in the home  or another location, relationship is the key.  

I was blessed to experience the presence of my father in our home.  What I remember most about my Father is,  whatever I would ask him for he would almost always try to make it happen.

Once, I remember I needed a baseball glove to try out for the girls softball team.  We travelled across town to make sure that I had gotten the right glove for the position that I was trying out for which was second base.  I made the team and he told all of his friends that I made the team and was going to be the star player.

He also purchased my first and second car.  He often reminded me that he was  proud of my hardwork  in school, my graduating from college as well as landing my first real job out of college.  Dad would always share with me you must work hard and believe.

 My father enjoyed the outside sport of fishing & hunting and because I love my dad so much, I also enjoyed the sport of fishing & hunting.
I remember we would wake up before the crack of dawn, load up the car with fishing equipment & drive miles away to catch certain types of fish.

My heart goes out to those who grew up without a father- daughter relationship, It is one of the greatest relationships one could ever experience.  However, I do realize that for some this is not possible.  

I want to personally thank all of the Dads who realize the importance of a Father-Daughter relationship.  You are our First Love, our First Date, as well as our First Idol.

Thank you Daddy for Being There!!!  I Miss you Soo Much!!!


Your Little Girl……



Our beloved poet, author, playwright & educator, Dr. Maya Angelou was well known for her many writings & poems that spoke about our past, future,  as well as our realities.  

Her famous poem,  And Still I Rise , in which Dr. Angelou was monumental for has set many free from the disease of low self esteem.  Self esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. She taught us to Rise from our Adversities, Rise from our Challenges, As well as to Rise from what others think or say about us.

I must say, I have learned many lessons in life.  But one of my greatest lessons that I have learned here on earth is that although we face many trials and tribulations,  some are more devastating than others.  Trials come to build, to heal & many times to grow us up from our childish inhibitions.  This one thing I do know that they do not last always.  When we accept the lesson learned in the trial, we become better & realize that there is POWER IN RISING UP!!





Being a mother of three daughters, between the ages of 11 & 25 has it’s challenges.  Because of the wide range of ages,  I have to remind myself that each one of my girls are different.  Their mental & educational  abilities are different, their body structure as well as their social capabilities are different.

One thing that I know for sure  all  3 of my daughters have in common is Womanhood.  One day they will all become women.   If I had three lessons that I would like for them to remember it would be:

Lesson #1-It is important to respect your elders.  

Many of elders are full of wisdom & knowledge.  They have experienced life at your age before and if you listen to them you can take something away from them  that would help you in your life process.

Lesson#2-Always Respect Yourself

You are Valuable , You are Important  & You are Beautiful!

I will praise You, for I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made(Ps. 139:14).  Before you can love anyone else, you must first Love yourself. and if you know how to Love yourself, you will take care of yourself, nurture yourself, encourage yourself and not allow anyone to misuse or abuse yourself.  You are not a Mistake or Mishap.  You were created for a Purpose.  &  Life is about Recognizing and accepting that Purpose which  is  called your Destiny!

Lesson#3-Never Compare Yourself to Others

Mark Twain once said ,”Comparison is the death of Joy”.  Never compare yourself to anyone else.  We are all different.  No one person is alike. If you spend your time comparing yourself to others, you lose focus on what you are called to do here on earth.

In conclusion, we have all made our share of Mistakes.  Mistakes are a part of life no matter how old you are.  Disappointment, Rejection & Heartache are not Comfortable or Convenient.  But what they all tend to have in common is they all Build Character, Integrity & Personality!!

Be Encouraged My Daughter!! God is Not Finished with You Yet!