The Power of Love


This month we Celebrated 21 years of Marriage on August 21.  
The day we made a promise to Love each other
 and the two of us became one among friends and families. There is Power in Love!!

If someone were to ask me how or what is the glue that has kept us together for so 10410660_847253895285473_2621153389996903580_nlong.  My first response would be most definitely  

our love for God.  We are both lovers of God. We pray together, worship together as well as laugh together. 

Personally, I do not want to sound Superficial or too Holy. We have had our share of problems, disappointments and broken promises.  However, I would like to share with you 3 important tools that has helped us in  our Marriage….

1-Respect one another- We have learned to honor each other. Placing one another in the highest esteem.   At home or in the presence of others we honor each others view point, preferences as well as our opinions.

2-Don’t allow others to Taint your Relationship-What works well for someone else’s Marriage might not work in yours.  Be careful who you receive counsel from about your Relationship.  Sometimes love ones are too close to remain neutral.  Find someone that you can trust, full of wisdom & can be honest.

3-Keep the Fire Burning-It does not matter how long you have been Married, always keep your relationship  fresh, exciting and full of laughter.  What you did to win your mate, continue to do it in your Marriage.  Don’t stop!!!  There is Power in Love!!!




Have you ever Wondered why the Storms of Life come at the storms-of-lifemost Inopportune time? Why Me? or Have you ever Asked  the Storm, Can you come back at a later date? A Life Storm is defined as anything that causes a trial, tragedy or misfortune. There are different types of Storms.  Financial, Relationship(Family & Friendships), Job & Health.  Storms tend to come in all shapes & sizes.   There is no time limit on a Storm.   Storms may last for days, months or sometimes even years, depending on how you decide to handle your Storm. Storms do not Discriminate.  It doesn’t matter what color you are, ethnicity, background, education status and or financial status.  We have all experienced them at one time or another. There are certain prerequisites in order for you to Master Your Storm!! 1-Be Honest with Yourself- You must admit to yourself that there is a problem and my life is in the midst of some changes that will probably affect my lifestyle. 2-Don’t be Afraid or Embarrass to talk to Someone Seek out someone that you can find confidence in to share with them what you are going through & if they have any helpful advice. 3-You Are not Alone (Don’t wallow Behind close doors) Don’t believe the Lie!!  You are not the only one going through a Storm.  At some time or another we have all experienced a trial and or tragedy in life.  Continue to perform your day to day routine & social functions.  And Remember, Storms do not last Always!!!