Real vs. Fake Relationships

The older I get the more I tend to value and protect my Relationships that are positive and healthy.  I consider a Relationship to be defined as anything and or anyone that is connected for a purpose. We have familial relationships, work relationships, friend & or acquaintance relationships as well as organization & or ministry relationships.  In whatever way that we have them they can be classified in two ways. Real or Fake!

A Real relationship are those who challenge you. They speak into your Life & Encourage you to be & do More. They see the potential in you. At the same time they can also see the danger that you possibly can be headed down. They are concerned as well as willing to support you in almost any & every endeavor.  They know you & staying connected with you is important. Staying in contact By phone, email & or meeting face to face is a prerequisite in order to have a Real Relationship.Bens-Friends-Were-in-this-Together


A Fake relationship are those who do the opposite. They don’t Build you up, they tear you down. Many times they are speak  words of Death into your Life.   Discouraging you to not take a chance, don’t believe & the sky is not the limit.
When you are down they remind you, “I told you so” , “You never should of ” & ” I knew it was going to happen”. Motivation is almost nonexistence. In fact they tend to drain every bit of hope out of you before you leave their presence. & last but not least, usually you will hear from them when they are trouble, they are in need of help or simply put, Janet Jackson says, “What have you done for me Lately”!!


Life is too short to surround yourself with Toxic people!
The finest Relationships are between people who want to see each other Succeed in Faith & therefore spur one another on toward love and good deeds. In other words our best Relationships are those who love us as we are but continue to challenge us to Be More!!

I challenge you to examine your Relationships today and seriously, ask yourself, which Relationships in my life are REAL? & which ones are  FAKE?  And slowly, relieve yourself from the Fake so, you will be able to have more time to enhance the REAL ONES!!


Free to Be Me!!


Suddenly, the term Free to Be Me, keeps resonating in my mind when I wake up in the morning, in the middle of the day & before I go to bed at night.  After, reflecting on it for awhile, I would have to honestly say this is where I am at this point in my life. 

I am Free to Be Me!!10636-it-feels-good-to-be-free-it-feels-good-to-be-me

In the past, It bothered me what others thought or felt about me. Especially, when it came to making  important decisions, speaking up when others were silent or even when I would not support the popular vote .  Now,

I am Free to Be Me!!

Before making any type of decisions that affected other people or myself, I would consult others to get their point of view. What they thought? & How they felt about It.  If they did not agree,  I would not go forward with the decision.
First, I would try to persuade them & if that was not possible,  I would shut down and place them on a distant friendship list.

Now, that I have become older, mother of three kids, married to a wonderful husband, after experiencing many storms, rains & hurricanes, I can care less what & how other people think or feel about me. Now, I can Honestly say, I am Free to Be Me!!
Helpful Hints!!

1-You cannot please Everyone

2-Respect other people’s Opinion

3-It Is alright to make an Unpopular Decision

4- Execute