Overcoming Holiday Blues


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Tis the season to be Jolly!! Falalalala!!
Unfortunately, not everyone tends to feel this way during this time of the year. If you ask someone why they might be depressed, oppressed, frustrated & or lonely, answers would probably vary based on past experiences.

Here are Some tips on Overcoming Holiday Blues!!

1-Have Realistic Expectations-Don’t dwell on the past

2-Focus on Thanksgiving & Gratitude for what you already have rather than what you don’t

3-Take good care of yourself proper rest, food & exercise

4-Keep things in financial perspective-Don’t go into debt

5-Deal with Loneliness directly-Be honest with yourself.  There are many volunteer opportunities & seek loving environments

6-Be diligent in your devotional time-Focus on this time as a time of personal, spiritual & emotional growth

7-Finally, enjoy this time, knowing that you have already received the greatest Gift(the Birth of Christ)which is what Christmas is all about


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A Blessing in Disguise!!

I have had the  privilege to live in a household with both parents (mother & father) up until the ripe age of  24 years old.  I had recently graduated from college & received a job offer where I would have to work and live in the territory I serviced.

A Blessing in Disguise!!


I had moved away from my parents when I was younger once before for all the wrong reasons which didn’t work out.  This time I felt this was the perfect opportunity for me to move into a new season of my life of independence & greater responsibility.
My parents were my Rock. Having both parents alongside me growing up, often times taking them for granted not realizing that one day I would hold the responsibility of taking care of them.  The Tables would Turn & It would be a Blessing in Disguise!!

I would be the decision maker (the adult) & my parents would subordinate (the child).  My father passed away over 8 years ago. I was considered his favorite being the youngest out of four siblings, a college graduate and an avid outdoorsmen which he enjoyed.

He  would always brag  to his friends and coworkers. I will always Love my Daddy,  and he is greatly missed.  

However, I still had Mama.  The one who took care of me while I was sick.  Mama who made sure we had hot meals on the table each night.  Mama who  took care of our basic needs and would sacrifice her happiness to make sure we were provided for.  Thank God for Mama!!

Now, the Table has turned. The Roles have been Reversed. I am the Caretaker  and my responsibility is to care for my Mother to make sure her  needs are Met.

Donnie McClurkin said it best, What do you do, When you don’t know what to do?
You just Stand!! 

Now, mama has her good days as well as  bad days. Some days are better than others. which makes my job that much harder. Wishing that the Good days would far outweigh the bad.

My prayer for this Season in my Life is Lord, Allow me to Give Back all that my Mom has so Bless me with over the Years!! I will Not Complain, Be Angry or Bitter.  Because it is Truly A Blessing in Disguise to Be Able to Give Back to Someone who sacrificed for you!!  

Why Pray for our Children……

How many times have we sent our Children off to school, said Goodbye and noticed that something was not right and you could not stop thinking about it?  All day long they were on your mind.  I must confess, I have experienced this numerous times and I have learned when it happens, take action, ask questions and Began to Pray for the Children!!

Prayer is an essential tool in our Children’s lives.  Children are exposed at a young age to many negative forces; peer pressure, violence, drugs and alcohol are only a few.   It is important that we Pray for our Children daily.

As parents, we all desire the best for our Children.   A good  education, , to make right choices and to become productive citizens in society.  However, if we do not model  the discipline of prayer in our Children’s lives, How will they ever know the Power of Prayer?



Here are just a few Reasons why we  Should Pray for Our Children:

1-Children model what they see-When my Children see me praying, when they are in need of prayer for a situation in their lives they will approach me & ask me to pray with them.

2-Prayer has taught me to wait on God  for direction before attempting to solve explosive situations in their lives. 

3-Prayer will help you to Love  your Children unconditionally even if you do not Agree with them & some of  the choices they  have made through life’s journey.

As you can see, here are just a few reasons, Why we should Pray for Our Children, and they are Many more!


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