The Power of Peace

The longer I am here on this Earth, the more I appreciate living in the space of Peace.  To be honest, I have not always been at this place where I felt it was important to me. But as I grow older, wiser, stronger and even better, peace in my life is at the top of my list.

My personal definition of Peace is not allowing your worries, fears and doubts overtake your life. Peace is being able to experience a sense of quietness and freedom from the cares of this world. Even though it is happening around you, you will not allow it to affect the way you feel, you think, & respond.

Your probably thinking, How can I do something like this when everything around me is out of control?  At home or even in my life. The kids, the job, the finances, the marriage or maybe even my health.peace quote


I want to Offer you some Personal Tips:


1-Stay away from Negative People & Conversations

Negative people & environments will drain all of the positive energy inside of you


2-Don’t hold Grudges

Learn to forgive and forget. Remembering negative experiences will only cause you to lose sleep and get sick.


3-Accept what you cannot Change


-I have the faith to move Mountains. But there are some things that I do not have control over and therefore, cannot change!!


Learning to live in Peace is a process. Frustration and Impatience are indicators that you should seek to live in Peace. & I realized that I could not change people but I could change me.

You are ultimately responsible for your own Happiness &Peace. It is up to you!


A well  known expression that many of us have used throughout 
the years.  This expression was an Advertising campaign invented by the Morton Salt Company in the Early 1900’s.   I’m not too sure of my first time ever hearing it,   but I have utilized the term, When It Rains, It Pours on numerous occasions.  Simply put, when many unexpected events happens in life, in a short span of time and leaves you wondering when will they ever stop coming.

Personally, I would like to describe it as Unexpectedly.  Because I didn’t see it coming & it happened when I least Expected.

Question#1-Can you Prepare for It? Well, yes and no.  If you endeavor to live a Healthy lifestyle meaning Garbage In=Garbage Out, this will include your Eating habits, your Relationships as well as your Physical & Spiritual life, you can be a better position to handle it.dancing-in-the-rain

Question #2-Could you have Seen It Coming? Again, yes and no.  Sometimes we are so caught up in life’s journey., (the kids, the marriage, the job, the ministry etc.. We sometimes forget to ask our ownselves, Are you alright? What are you lacking? Do you need a Refill?

Question #3-Are you Being Punished? Punishment is to make someone suffer for bad behaviorPersonally, I don’t view it as a punishment but as a life lesson.  We are all placed on this Earth to learn.  Weather it be in school, on the job or simply through life Experiences.  If you never Experience the Rain, the Storms or Even the Hurricanes, you would never know how to Enjoy the Sunshine.