The Thankful Advantage: Three Ways Giving Thanks Can Improve your Life

The more I give Thanks, the more reasons I have for being Thankful.
No matter how many things you accumulate here on earth it can never make you truly happy.

There are proven facts having a Thankful attitude can help us in our everyday lives.


Here are three that I have found that stands out for me:

1-Being Thankful reduces stress-It takes our focus off our problems & forces us to think good thoughts.

2-Being Thankful helps us to keep negativity away-When we focus on what we don’t have it leaves room for frustration, anxiety and regret. Being thankful reminds us how bless we really are.

3-Being Thankful sustains our Healthy Relationships-Thankful people draws other positive people. It builds trust and strengthen relationships.

I must say there are many advantages to having a Thankful attitude all year round. Many experts have found by practicing it daily can increase your life span.

Don’t Be Afraid to Step out on Faith!!


If I had to share one word of wisdom with you it would be, “Don’t be afraid to Step out on Faith”! We are winding down on the Southeast College tour.  Touring cities included Atlanta, Baltimore & Hampton Virginia.  Some of the colleges that were  visited included Clark , Morehouse, Spelman, Howard & Morgan State University. It was truly a Faith Walk!!

When offered the opportunity to be a part of this tour, my first reaction was, NO!!.  The thought of traveling with 90 students & chaperones for seven days with various likes, dislikes, attitudes & opinions was a little scary.

IMG_1229-2 IMG_1239-3
Well, I must be honest. This trip has been a wonderful opportunity to bond with the kids, as well as the parents.  We shared, we laughed and even cried at times about our life experiences.

This trip has open my eyes to greater possibilities and opportunities.  I knew deep down in my heart that I needed to do something more,(Broaden my Horizons) but  I did not know the details.  Then a still small voice reminded me that “Life is a Faith Walk” & stepping out on faith is a requirement.


” Without Faith it is Impossible to Please God!!” 

Hebrews 11:6